What type of girdle should I wear after pregnancy?

Pregnancy brings substantial changes in the woman's body. Among them, the increase in the size of the uterus, which after childbirth, must return to its place, in addition to recovering its initial size.

Likewise, the tissues and the skin remain flaccid due to the stretching they suffer during pregnancy.


That is why Siluet POSTPARTUM GIRDLES are great benefit in the days after delivery as they help to rearrange the belly, reduce abdominal pain after delivery, hide the bulky postpartum belly, which contributes greatly to regain self-esteem and to feel more reconciled with the silhouette.


Due to its ergonomic design, Siluet POSTPARTUM GIRDLES reinforce the lumbar region, which is usually subjected to a lot of work during POSTPARTUM.

So, without a doubt, OUR GIRDLES are the best allies in the process of recovering the figure, after the baby is born.


And let us not forget that by tradition, use shapewear after childbirth is a custom and recommendation that comes from the wisdom of our grandmothers.

You could find the right size for you.

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