Get our Shapewear Shorts for Women and stays comfy all day long.

Shaper shorts

With these shorts you will do whatever you want every single day! Discrete shorts that can be worn...
TF502 Bra Less Silicone-Lined Shaper BriefsTF502 Bra Less Silicone-Lined Shaper Briefs
Gently controls and defines the silhouette. Silicone –Lined on top avoids curl and holds the garment firm in...
Design with bare derriere that shapes and enhances the buttocks. It is invisible thanks to the flat seams...
Sensual. Daily use. Low waist. Soft Elastics
Ultra-Light. Soft material.
Sensuality and Comfort
Slims the figure. Lifts the buttocks. Gently Controls abdomen, waist, hips, and legs. Recommended for daily use. Silicone...
Designed to comfortably control curves, these shaper shorts will smooth the tummy and thighs for a flawless finish...
1T2372 Silicone-Lined Undetectable Edge High Waist Shaper Shorts Doriane1T2372 Silicone-Lined Undetectable Edge High Waist Shaper Shorts Doriane
Targeted compression to strategically shape curves. Undetectable edges transition to skin for no show. Super soft, thin material...
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