1T2074 Tall® Panty Style Braless Body Reducer

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This invisible slimming Panty style braless control shaper gives you the perfect silhouette. Undetectable edges, seamless, and incredibly thin yet with control that packs a punch. Relish the intelligence of this shaper body reducer with its versatility and strategic shaping in your tummy, waist and back. Underarm bumps are smoothed. Edges transition to your skin seamlessly. Enjoy a smooth, comfortably shaped silhouette! 

  • Panty style control shaper.  
  • Targeted compression to strategically shape curves in the tummy, waist & back. 
  • Smooths underarm bulges. Super soft, thin material that packs a punch. 
  • Wide straps for comfort and support. 
  • Undetectable edges transition to skin for no show. Seamless design for a flawless look 

FABRIC CONTENT: 85% polyamide / 15% elastane  

Sizes: S/M, L/XL.

Color:  Black, Nude.